Color Options

The following colors are available for our paper phenolic bokken. Some of our longer weapons have limited colors due to the length of the pieces we have in stock. The color sample photos were taken in natural light.

The paper phenolic we use for our training tools varies in color and mottling even within the same piece. The variations in the product are seen as you cut through into the depth of the material.

In the following pictures you can see two sides of the same ruby bokken. One side shows more features than the other side. Alternatively, you can see in the photo of the Stone bokken, a more uniform appearance. The mottling is fairly consistent throughout. We think that this variation adds to the uniqueness of the piece, and gives your training tool character.

There is a natural change in the color of the product over time. A patina will develop as it's handled, and will be expedited by exposure to sunlight in your car or a window at your house. Try not to leave the bokken in direct sunlight for long periods. Much like with a wooden bokken, the heat can damage the material